The Loa

The African slave trade came directly to the New World in New France not by way of Haiti, which is mistakenly claimed. Though slaves were taken from the same areas of Africa, the long trip was made here direct so as to avoid pirating of the slaves resulting in a long hard journey with a majority on board suffering greatly and dying. The survivors managed to bring their spirits (Loas) and beliefs safely ashore. Both New Orleans and Haiti were under French rule but both had a totally different attitude towards slavery. New Orleans allowed Voodoo to hold root earlier and more openly due to the slave autonomy that existed in Louisiana that did not exist in Sainte Domingue till after the revolution of 1797. Haitian refugees fleeing the revolution, both black and white poured into New Orleans after 1804. Even with the acceptance of Haitian planters and their slaves by the new Americans the immigration was cautious, people were still carefully screened for the fear of revolutionary’s and poisoners that they may be. In a time period when Louisiana was under new American rule tens of thousands of people poured into this port town form all over the country. New Orleans was on its way to becoming the richest town in the country, creating an ever increasing need for the skills of voodoo. The demand arose out of both need and fear. With a high death toll in the plantations, voodoo provided healing and magical assistance for many. 

The organisation which calls itself the Loa does not represent the true Voodun religion. It is rather a family of drug dealing criminals who follow a darker and corrupt version of the religion which lends itself to worship of the evil Petro spirits. These Loa feed off all the rage, violence and injustice which is still inflicted on modern day worshippers. They operate at night, in the darkness that is the province of the devil. The principal Petro is Marinette-Bwa-Chech who revels in chaos and torment. 


The Loa doesn't have a hierarchical structure like other organisations. There is a high priest who is in overall control, with several Bokor as underlings. The Loa is an extended family whose leaders are related by blood and marriage. There are currently 5 families of up to 100 members each.
Serviteurs The mules and henchmen.
Houngonikon Traditionally the director of music and dancing. In this organisation he is instead in charge of the Serviteurs and answers to a Bokor.
La Place A master of ceremonies who works directly under each Bokor. He aids in the summoning of the Petro.
Bokor The dark priests, each controls his own family. There is no such thing as a Voodoo adept. You're either fully a Bokor or fully mundane. There is no in-between.
Veau Bokor The head priest of all the families, who directly serves Marinette-Bwa-Chech.


The Loas are drug lords. The only difference between them and other such organisations is that they are aided by the evil Petro spirits. These spirits protect those who serve them, and communicate by possessing them through trance dreams or entering into the person. The Loa are also involved in the Zombie creation and the use of dolls. In essence a very twisted version of the powers of the D'arque.

The Loa don't grow their own cocaine. Instead they steal it from other gangs and distribute it. Most of their money is kept in banks in Haiti and have enough of it to buy whatever vehicles, equipment and weapons they want. The only thing holding them back has been their war with the gangs they rob, often in public areas caring nothing for innocent people killed in the crossfire. If someone messes with the Loa then they will kill not only the offender but his entire family as well. Also if a member is captured and cooperates with the authorities then his family will be visited by a Petro and be terrified to death. Worst of all the Loa have no fear of the legal authorities or government, openly retaliating against them.