Unlike your normal super villain groups these enemies are far more evil.. and dangerous.. 

The Church of Enlightenment A well respected religious charity who helps the helpless.. or a front for daemonic insect spirits preparing to unleash hell on earth? 
Crimson Storm In Russia they are revered as super human defenders, elsewhere they are seen as agents of terror.
The Cult of Kali The most ancient and evil of all cults. This secret organisation worships death, fear, hatred and torment. Any who oppose these beliefs are to be eliminated, including any so called heroes..
The Force of July America's answer to super powered threats. Or so the public is told.
The Guild of Assassins Willing to eliminate anyone, for a price.
The Illuminati A secret order which controls world events in order to further their own ends.
The League of Evil A metahuman terrorist organisation for the disenfranchised.
The Loa Drug barons who enjoy the protection of evil spirits.
Metatech Next generation hi-tech suppliers, run by the Mob.
Order of Stygia A cult for Infernalists and their master Set.
Rose and Thorn Who is manipulating the terrorists?
Shinobi Juhakkei There is still one ninja clan out there.
The Sons of Anubis A Reptilian race once thought extinct.
The Tong Eastern mystic criminals.
Venom Hi-tech villains who follow the path of the snake.


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