Sons of Anubis

In Egypt, Anubis was death plain and simple. He was the arid desert where life and death mingle. He had the head of a jackal which was also his symbol. The jackal imagery is related to Anubis' role among the Deities of Egypt, as the jackal is a scavenger and is strongly associated with death and dying. The Sons of Anubis's original worshippers were not human..

The race of Lizard men irreparably sold itself out to demonic entities in exchange for occult powers and dominion over the human race. In 79,980 BC they began their war on man by using the Necronomicon to found the Cult of Kali. However they were opposed at every turn by the Battle Mage and Champion of Order known as Doomslayer. By 79,950 BC Doomslayer has exterminated most of the Cult of Kali. The Lizard man king Y'smallar fled to Eurasia with the Necronomicon. The remainder of the Lizard man race died during the final invasion of Atlantis which also saw the destruction of that city.

Y'smallar was kept alive by the chaotic magic of the Necronomicon and in 6200 BC he resurfaced in Elam (a region just east of Ancient Sumeria) to establish the Sons of Anubis. Why he abandoned Kali for Anubis remains a mystery. Perhaps he felt betrayed by her allowing his race to die. However this time the Pharaoh and his mystic were quick to react to this cult and had them ruthlessly hunted down and exterminated. Y'smallar again escaped but the Necronomicon was lost in the confusion. Or perhaps that was what the book wanted. 

This time Y'smallar was forced to go underground and make his abode in the subterranean networks which honeycomb the sub-crust of the earth. From these nether regions he began conducting experiments on his human and demonic followers leading to the creation of the various Subterranean races. Without the Necronomicon to sustain him Y'smallar finally died in 6100 BC. It was left to his protégés to continue his work. For thousands of years the Sons of Anubis have been carrying out their ancient and secret warfare against humanity whom they hate intensely for displacing them as the rulers of the earth. 

In 1562 AD Cain the last Inquisitor (also known as the Damascus man) learned that a subterranean hybrid race of reptilian-like humanoids were causing a great deal of harm in America through their attempts to manipulate the minds of those on the surface through "witchcraft" and "sorcery". Cain eventually led an army of followers into the tunnels and caverns below and after a considerable conflict the reptilians were driven out. The other Subterranean races then moved into the abandoned underground cities earning the enmity of the Sons of Anubis. Ever since that time the reptilians have been plotting a retakeover of these caverns and have been using occult means to prepare. 


Members are more like cultists with some of the upper echelons being able to trace their lineage directly back to the Pharaohs.
Shock Trooper At the lowest end of the hierarchy is the Shock Trooper. These are expendable support agents with specialities in espionage and covert operations. These fanatical warriors are recruited from ex-service personnel, former agents and police officers, and anyone who shows who shows paranormal abilities. Brainwashing is the normal procedure for Troopers. Only rarely does someone show the devotion and self-sacrifice needed to be a Trooper. Absolute loyalty is engrained in them throughout their year-long training in secluded camps throughout the world. The Trooper is best suited for the tactical elimination of enemies. Troopers are experts in surveillance and entrapment, getting evidence which can be used to persuade or ruin an individual. The also have knowledge in commando and other special forces operations. Standard operating procedure is to make all covert operations look like routine terrorist actions. Sabotage is made to look like corporate espionage or Eco-Terrorism; Assassinations and Bombings are carefully staged to appear the work of terrorists. The amount of information a Trooper knows is totally dependant on the skills and natural abilities he or she possesses. 
Shock Lord Shock Lords are generally trusted Anubis individuals often born into the organisation through hereditary lines. The masters of subterfuge, manipulation and brainwashing, a Lord ensures that the local branch is completely loyal to the powers that be. Lords are often in charge of a cadre of troopers.
Scarab Priest Keepers of Anubis dogma, masters of information, and historians without equal. Priests have ancient historical records including  the written versions of the original human oral-histories, many of which date back to the latter end of the Pharaoh dynasties. They also act as judges, sitting on a special council. 
Pharaoh Legendary controller of the organisation, he is the most mysterious Son of Anubis. He is the supreme rulers with personal goals that can only be guessed at. He is always protected by massive technological, mystical, and spiritual barriers. In the history of the organisation, no Pharaoh has been assassinated, attacked, or even approached without prior authorization. Then again, if one had been killed, its doubtful they organisation would advertise the fact...


The Reptilian's sole purpose is their eventual domination of the world and extermination of mankind. They truly believe with all their heart and soul that they are the true children of Anubis, touched by His finger and given powers as evidence of their favour in His eyes. And it followed logically that the world was rightfully theirs to rule, to build the Kingdom of Anubis on Earth. Humans being untouched by the Almighty are to be exterminated like the vermin that they are.

Besides expanding their secret underground lairs, the Reptilians have taken steps to assure that their plans will unfold with minimal interference. Puppet groups with extremist views are used to discredit or dispose of potential foes and troubles. Corporate or governmental plans which conflict with their long term goals are undercut through the action of moles or influenced officials. Physical installations are located as far apart as is practical, to protect the rest should one fall to any threat. They also fund a number of fanatical extremist groups, who for the most part are perceived as eccentrics or lunatic fringe cults. An example includes PETA. These groups will often be sent on missions based on a false pretence, but secretly have disguised Reptilians with them who perform the true mission while the others are distracted. On a more extreme end they also organize and finance coups and coup attempts among various third world countries. The Reptilians have control either psionically, emotionally, or economically over a number of influential individuals in every country. Currently these contacts are used to facilitate the Reptilian's agenda and to screen them from scrutiny.

All of this is financed by valuable minerals such as gold which has been discovered during the Reptilians exploration of their subterranean home.

Their main bases are located at:
Abu Simbel in Java, Indonesia. 
Abydos in Ethiopia. 
Ain el-Muftella in Siberia. 
Karnak under the ancient capital of Egypt, Thebes. 
Bani Hasan al Shurruq in the Ivory Coast . 
Deir el-Medina in Iran. 
Edfu in Cuba. 
Kom Ombo in Louisiana, United States. 
Luxor in Colombia. 
Medinet Habu in Saudi Arabia. 
Philae on one of the Greek islands. 
Ramesseum in the Congo.