The Metaphysical Studies Institute


M.S.I. is an acronym for the Metaphysical Studies Institute. According to the official publicity releases M.S.I. was formed by a group of small laboratories all over the country, combining staffs, experimental results, facilities and equipment to form the most high powered scientific organisation in the history of the human race. Their goal is to expand humanity's knowledge by coordinated effort which probes in hundreds of directions at once. To this end they began forming close ties with the metahuman, supernatural and alien communities on earth. M.S.I. facilities appeared all over the world in a matter of weeks, some in existing lab sites but many in brand new locations. This raised many questions including how did they obtain the funding to combine so quickly? Why are their financial records hidden from the public? Why haven't they published any of their research? Why do they only rarely cooperate with scientists outside their organisation? And what is their obsession with the non human community?

Research Sections

Each department is involved in research well above what would be found in any normal facility.
Aquanautics Personal equipment, boats, submarines and deep sea labs.
Extraterrestrial Alien anatomy and equipment.
Macronautics Dimensional exploration.
Mech Exoskeletons, power armour and cargo mules.
Medical Hospital equipment and genetics research. There is a sub section of Meta gene research.
Preternatural Supernatural races and magic.
Prosthetics Bionics and cyberware.
Star Reach Spacecraft, orbital stations, space exploration, probes and terraforming.


An M.S.I. lab can be found in every major city in the United States, Canada, Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Antarctica. Each one is set up identically with the following; an Administration office, security, library, storage and a research section.

Over the years they have assisted many aliens in acclimatizing to earth culture and in return have learnt much from the visitors. Likewise in aiding mutants to learn how to control their powers they have discovered much about the meta gene. In fact they are currently the world's leading authority in medical knowledge and manufacturer of state of the art medical technology. 

M.S.I. is MetaTech's main rival in supplying official agencies like SHADOW, various western governments, sanctioned hero groups and even non sanctioned ones who are well known for their heroic deeds. In game terms M.S.I. would be the ones who supply superheroes and hi-tech legal authority groups with their equipment. For a price..


Third Parties