The company that is now MetaTech was founded by industrialist Hugh Hamil in the late 1940s and became one of the U.S. government's chief contractors for electronic parts used in aviation, missiles, and advanced weaponry. Noted for the quality and ingenuity of its work, HamilTech expanded its operations so that by the early 1960s, it was manufacturing and assembling completed aircraft, missiles, guidance systems, and so forth, rather than simply manufacturing components for assembly elsewhere. Instrumental in HamilTechs' expansion and success was the founding of SHADOW. SHADOW required a vast amount of high technology produced rapidly and HamilTechs' solid credentials with the government got them the lucrative position of SHADOW's major contractor. HamilTech was involved in the design and manufacture of virtually all of SHADOW's hard technology, from its enormous hovering Cloud Shadow and manned orbital stations to personal weaponry and microminiature surveillance instruments. HamilTech began opening plants all across the United States and Europe to cope with SHADOW's vast technological needs. 

Not long afterwards, the mob took an interest in acquiring HamilTech and assigned business entrepreneur Jason Aladin to the task. Through a series of complex and disreputable business manoeuvres, everything from industrial sabotage to psychological warfare against Hamil, he succeeded in assuming the presidency and chairmanship of HamilTech. Hamil refused to go but the next day was found hanging from his office. Aladin then changed the corporate name to MetaTechSince then the organisation has grown rapidly, with its only major rival being M.S.I.

Research Sections

Each department is involved in developing next generation equipment.
Department Equipment
Aerotech Aircraft engines and vehicles.
Armourtech Exoskeletons, power armour and cargo mules.
Biotech Bionic and cyberware.
Meditech Hospital equipment and genetics research.
Seatech Aquanautic equipment, boats, submarines and deep sea labs. 
Spacetech Spacecraft, orbital stations, probes and terraforming.
Wartech Military versions of all of the above as well as new forms of weaponry and ammunition.


Now headquartered in Washington, MetaTech has branches throughout the United States (including Los Angeles, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Houston, Detroit, Chicago, and San Diego), Europe (Paris, Dublin, Hamburg, Rome) and elsewhere (Hong Kong, Manila). This has made the mob family which controls it very powerful. Their only concern now is the mysterious M.S.I. which will soon rival MetaTech in power, wealth and influence.

It is currently the world's leading manufacturer of state of the art technology used in electronic components, munitions, automation, life support systems, scientific instruments, robotics, bionics, and air and spacecraft. It is best known for its weapon construction especially in the area of military power armour. 

As well as official agencies like S.H.A.D.O.W., MetaTech also supplies equipment to less legal organisations like the Shop and various criminal organisations. In game terms MetaTech would be the ones who supply supervillains and hi-tech villain groups with their equipment.