The League of Evil

The League of Evil is a supervillain team devoted to metahuman superiority over normal humans. It was founded by Dr Diabolical in 1963 and its activities have ranged from world domination to serving as a terrorist group that targets anti-meta public figures. They are chiefly opposed by Omega Factor, though on rare occasions the two sides have allied against a common threat.

Many of the group's members have been shown to be past victims of anti-meta prejudice, which has made the group a haven for many superhumans who feel they are outcasts and pariahs. While many of these outcasts have willingly embraced the violent aspects of the League's ideology, several have ultimately rejected it and left the group because of it.

For the most part the group has engaged in worldwide terrorist activities though some members were killed during a recent failed assassination attempt on the U.S. president.

There is no structure or hierarchy, the group is led solely by Diabolicus. They have numerous bases around the world with at least one in each major city. The roster changes constantly due to deaths and desertions. It is unknown how Diabolicus obtains his money.