Justice Anonymous

Justice leads. When there is a crisis the other heroes and the world look to us first to deal with it, to rally others. We set the example.

The original members of Justice Anonymous first came together after individually responding to the the second Martian War of the Worlds. SHADOW was quickly overwhelmed and it was left to the metahuman and paranormal community to step in. Afterwards some of the individuals decided they could more effectively fight evil and protect the innocent together than alone and formed Justice Anonymous. Anonymous in name because vigilantes must never again be witch hunted as they were in the 1950s.

Soon after defeating an invasion from below Justice Anonymous became the first hero group to receive official recognition from the U.S. Government and from international ones as well. National
governments realized that the Earth could be threatened by alien invaders which SHADOW may not be able to deal with or despots with world-wide ambitions. Justice then became sponsored by the National Security Council of the U.S. Government and by the United Nations as well, and this support was written into their charter. This support has been retained and expanded over the years but not without difficulty. Government support includes access to privileged or classified information, exemption from certain Federal regulations, and a wide-ranging elimination of the kind of red tape that usually accumulates after heroes demolish a world-threatening menace along with the city block where said menace had been standing. Government support does not extend to providing funds to support Justice activities. They instead receive funds from the Tomorrow Corporation, secretly owned by one of its members.


Membership is not based on colour, sex, creed, race or birth.
There is a probationary period of 30 days.
The public record of a new member is investigated confidentially by the Justice computer. Once satisfied the computer wipes all information gained in order to protect the members' true identity.
Members receive free medical treatment (including major surgery, specialty treatment, counselling, bionics, etc) and life insurance benefits.
Members need not divulge their true identity to other members.
Each member is issued a communications card.
Members must agree to undergo rigorous Justice training.
Members must remain on standby 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
Members may reside in Justice headquarters if necessary.
Members must cooperate with law enforcement agencies.
If avoidable members must not break the law.
Members may only kill in self defence, after which a board of inquiry will investigate their actions.

If members miss than more 3 meetings in a row, they may be subject to disciplinary action. Meetings are weekly.
Any member may call an emergency meeting.
Members may be subject to disciplinary action if they fail to answer more than two emergency summons.
Anyone disobeying the designated field commander may be subject to disciplinary action.
A court martial will take place if a member does any one of the following;
Is convicted for a crime above a misdemeanour.
Deliberately betrays classified information.
Is criminally negligent, excessively violent, commits murder, etc.
If convicted a member maybe suspended or expelled and handed over to the relevant authorities.


Justice members can arrest anyone found in the act of committing a crime and can temporarily confine arrested criminals if the criminal is too powerful to be confined by normal means. Justice normally turn over to appropriate authorities all but the most powerful super-villains as soon as possible. However they have no authority to judge or punish criminals on their own. Justice members have additional legal privileges because of their security clearance. These privileges can be limited or suspended by the National Security Council.
Justice Anonymous have an emergency number that can be used by any state or local agency that needs their help. They also have special emergency telephone numbers for the cities wham they are based.