Allies Justice Anonymous, M.S.I., the Parliament of Nature, S.H.A.D.O.W., the Templars.
Enemies The Church of Enlightenment, the Cult of Kali, Crimson Storm, Force of July, Illuminati, Loa, Metatech, Rose and Thorn, Shinobi Juhakkei, Sons of Anubis, Tong and Venom.
Intelligence Agencies Guide Intelligence Agencies from 32 different countries.
Pulp Agencies Guide A guide to the various Allied and Nazi agencies.
Third Parties

Department of Paranormal Affairs, Vanguard Prison, Omega Project, Metahuman Response Unit, Restoration Inc, Mountain of Jourtenheim and Underworld Wrestling League.

Underworld/Terrorist Guide 11 major Criminal Organisations and 28 Terrorist groups from around the world.


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