The Guild of Assassins


Fu Wangwang devoted himself to the mastery of the ancient art of hypnotic illusion until he became its greatest practitioner. In China he rose through the ranks of the Cult of Kali until he became one of their greatest crimelords. Eventually he became too enamoured with the wealthy lifestyle and cut all ties with the Cult. The Cult did not take this well. In response Fu founded the Guild of Assassins in 1972 recruiting only the most dangerous assassins in the world as a means of protecting himself. He renamed himself Dr Sin and expects all Guild members to be willing to die for him. For much of its current history any member who failed in an assassination was in turn targeted by the Guild.

Although many of the Guild's assassin over the years have been accomplished martial artists, some instead rely upon careful planning and manipulation, ambushes and death traps, as well as a variety of cleverly concealed weapons and poisons. The Guild also has an inner circle of elite fighters as well as a large number of warriors trained in the martial arts.
Recently Dr Sin has become insane and is no longer motivated by anything but a desire to raise assassination to an art.
Although most of its members have died or defected, the Guild has survived and is still one of the most sought organisations by Interpol today.


There is no true structure to the Guild. It is controlled entirely by Dr Sin and only accepts proven assassins who have specialised in at least one form of killing. He hands out the assignments, collects the money and pays the others. The Guild is a relatively small organisation with usually less than a hundred members at any given time. There is no permanent headquarters as Rastar needs to keep on the move to avoid the Cult of Kali who will never forgive him.


Unlike the Cult of Kali the Guild kills only for profit (although it has had its share of sadistic members). They will kill anyone, even heads of state and metahumans. The more difficult, the more it costs.