The Femforce®

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Femforce is a comic book published by A.C. Comics that began publication in 1985 detailing the adventures of the Federal Emergency Missions Force or Femforce. The team are as their name implies all female Superheroes and are the first and the longest running all women super-team.

The team was formed by Miss Victory, She Cat, Blue Bulleteer and the original Rio Rita in the 1940s during World War II in which they fought as aides to the allied forces. Rio Rita retired then in 1960 Blue Bulleteer was assaulted by thugs and nearly killed but was luckily taken in by Azagoth a being from another dimension. When she returned from Azagoth's home dimension she brought Synn with her. Later members from the 1980s were Colt and Tara. The group also met up with the granddaughter of their old member Rio Rita who was using the same codename as her grandmother though she never officially joined the team. When a villain Black Commando forced Ms. Victory to overdose on V-45 the serum that gave her powers, it altered her mind and she became a renegade named 'Rad'. She was replaced on the team by her now-adult daughter Jennifer who became a second Ms. Victory. Once her mother returned and took over as leader of the team again, Jennifer's life gradually grew worse before she herself became a second Rad. In the 1990s two new members Stardust and the ghost Firebeam joined.


Ms Victory®

In 1942, 27 year-old Joan Wayne was a research assistant on the governmental top secret Lifeform Supra-Normal Development project, a project aimed at creating a super soldier for the U. S. Government in its fight against the fascist threat from abroad. Initial tests with the unstable V-45 as it was called failed. The experiments had been done on crack covert agent Dan Barton the boyfriend of the then-future Blue Bulleteer socialite Laura Wright. Dan Barton metamorphosed into the super threat the Black Commando endangering the project's funding. To save the funding and to be able to offer positive results Joan surreptitiously redesigned the V-45 renaming it V-47 and tailoring it to her specific body chemistry and took the serum herself becoming the super powerful Miss Victory.

Joan had the chance to rescue Eleanor Roosevelt from assassins. The First Lady then helped Joan obtain official sanction to form an all-woman team of paranormal operatives code-named Femforce. In the 1980's Joan was force fed an overdose of the V-45 compound by the Black Commando. The drug caused Joan to undergo a startling transformation. Her aged body attained permanent superstrength and revitalized youth. But her mind twisted into the ruthless, mercenary and narcissistic Rad a vicious and deadly creature with all the powers of Ms. Victory and none of the compassion, mercy and sense of duty that Joan Wayne once possessed. In 1992 it took the combined might of the Femforce to hunt Rad down and expunge the V-45 from her system by in effect tiring her out freeing Joan from her psychological prison. She returned to her duties as leader of the Femforce.

Under the effects of the serum/drug/formula/vitamin Joan can lift several hundred tons, has total recall and hyper fast reaction time. Her senses are all enhanced to peak ability especially her vision which far exceeds that. Nearly invulnerable when she does get injured she heals quickly because of her incredible health. She can hold her breath for over four hours and can fly at well over 320 kph.

She Cat®

Anthropologist Thaddeus Hunt was investigating the legend of a cult of cat worshipers in the jungles of Burma. He found the cult and secretly witnessed a ritual in which the spirit of the dark cat goddess Sekhmet emerged from a statue and possessed a native girl. At dawn Sekhmet's spirit returned to the statue. Hunt attacked the cult, stole the statue and returned with it and a native girl to America. He attempted to summon the goddess claiming he wanted to become her new high priest. Sekhmet took possession of the native girl, killed Hunt and turned on Hunt's daughter Jessica. Sekhemt realizing Jessica was more familiar with civilization than the native girl possessed Jessica bringing a portion of the native girl's soul with it.

When Sekhmet's personality is dominant, She-Cat gains fur and becomes much more feline in appearance and is violently eager to lash out against all living things. Over the course of a few hours the fist time Jessica was possessed by Sekhmet it became clear to her that she was not strong enough to maintain control over the cat demoness' bestial urges. On later occasions, Jessica would become completely possessed and have no memory of her savage outings. She developed the identity of She-Cat to protect her identity during those spells. At first she existed as a half human vessel controlled completely at times by Sekhmet. Through years of resisting Sekhmet she has developed considerable willpower making controlling or manipulating her very difficult. Later by bonding with the paranormal super-human Joan Wayne then known as Miss Victory she was able to control the evil cat goddess within her and channel her special abilities toward serving mankind. Later Ms. Victory and Synesthesia went to Burma with She-Cat. There they discovered Sekhmet's secret lair and the Ring Of Sekhmet. While wearing the Ring Jessica was able to master Sekhmet without the need of the bond. Once Jessica lost the Ring and Sekhmet was able to resume control. Femforce was forced to track She-Cat and recover the Ring. Since that time Nightveil has turned the Ring into a Bracelet making it more difficult for She-Cat to lose.

Each time she expends a life She-Cat changes physically. Jessica Hunt was originally a blonde but after bonding with Miss Victory her features became altered and her hair became jet-black. With each new form She-Cat also assumes a new civilian identity so that no one discovers that she never ages. She-Cat became a charter member in the Femforce when it was formed during World War II.

When Jessica Hunt first bonded with the ancient cat goddess Sekhmet she was imbued with many mythical feline powers. These included the savage strength of a tiger, the ability to hear sounds normal humans cannot, lightning quick reflexes, the ability to track by scent, night vision, feline stealth and grace and the fabled nine lives. She is also healthier than any normal human with incredible stamina and recuperative powers. She is rarely wounded. She moves with incredible speed being capable of attaining speeds around 110 kph and is much stronger than any normal human, being able to jump in excess of 38 metres. She-Cat has retractable claws that can slice through steel.

Rio Rita®

Rita Farrar was a popular American film star in the early 1940's but her greatest acting challenges occurred off screen. As a beautiful Latin movie star she travelled in Mexico, Central and South America all the time a spy for the United States. On a USO tour she met Miss Victory and Blue Bulleteer in a fight with a hideous Nazi swamp monster known as Fungi.
When President Roosevelt formed the Femforce Rita was a founding member. Although now officially retired from the Femforce Rita is head of counterintelligence for the government of Brazil. She still maintains contact with the Femforce. Her look-alike granddaughter also known as Rita now works as a United States spy.

Blue Bulleteer®

Laura Wright was a wealthy young Washington socialite. The daughter of a prominent U.S. Senator her life was nothing more than a whirl of parties, cotillions and garden teas until she met Dan Barton a handsome, dashing young government agent. Laura fell madly in love willing to do anything to be near Dan. And that included training right along with him as he prepared for a role as America's first super powered covert agent.
When Barton was apparently killed on his first mission Laura was devastated. In her grief she pledged to carry on his work. Using her newfound skills in self defence, marksmanship and hand-to-hand combat, she took on the role of masked defender of justice the Blue Bulleteer.

It was during this time period of World War II that Laura became a founding member of the all-woman superheroine team the Femforce.
After a long career as the Bulleteer when Laura was approaching middle age she had lost her cutting edge to such an extent that during one of her missions she was mortally wounded by gunfire and surely would have died had not Azagoth, an extradimensional wizard abducted her from this dimension into his at the moment of her death. With Azagoth Laura trained in the mastery of the mystic arts for several years. Her youth restored Laura eventually returned to this plane of existence as the extremely powerful Nightveil allying herself with a group of super powered paranormals called the Sentinels Of Justice. Later she again took up the mantle as a member of the newly reformed Femforce.


Nightveil is the most powerful member of the Femforce. With her mastery of interdimensional magicks she has almost complete control over matter and energy. Her powers are derived by drawing upon the energy barriers that separate the myriad dimensions. By channelling these forces through her body Nightveil can create ectoplasmic protective shields and fire bolts of sorcerous energy or flame. She can generate intense heat or cold. She can open portals that allow her to simulate the power of levitation by travelling through extradimensional space, but not time. She can create all types of illusions and levitate herself and others across limited distances. Nightveil is hypersensitive to any mystical activity on any of the dimensional planes, hence she is able to track magical disturbances to their source.

Nightveil can even transmute matter and read and influence minds though she uses these abilities sparingly. Nightveil's one external weapon is her Cloak Of Darkness which was given her by her mentor the extradimensional sorcerer Azagoth. In actuality a portable dimensional doorway the Cloak is an awesome device which can be used to create intense, dark null-energy fields which confound, confuse and disorient. Nightveil uses the Cloak with extreme caution because neither she nor her mentor Azagoth know the true extent of its capabilities.
The greatest limitation on Nightveil's powers is her own conscience. She retains a healthy fear of misusing her powers and therefore strives constantly to dispense them with wisdom and restraint.

Before becoming a sorceress Laura Wright fought crime in the early 1940's as the Blue Bulleteer and in that guise became one of the founding members of the Femforce. It was at the moment of the Blue Bulleteer's certain death in the 1960's that Laura was abducted by the extradimensional sorcerer Azagoth and taken her to his dimension where she was tutored in the mystic arts for the next several years. When Laura returned to this plane of existence she appeared here as Nightveil. Prior to her reinvolvement in the Femforce during the early 1980's Nightveil was also a member of the group known as the Sentinels Of Justice.


Valencia Kirk's nickname of The Weapons Mistress is well founded. She is an expert in personal firearms. A true one woman terror Valencia is also a weaponsmith able to design and craft her own weapons and ammunition from basic raw materials. She is a quick shot, a crack shot and knows many trick shots. She can also proficiently wield two guns simultaneously. Valencia has no real paranormal or super powers however what she lacks in raw power she makes up for in leadership and tactical skills. Highly trained in espionage and motivated originally by the desire for revenge she has mastered such skills as infiltration, deduction, disguise, acting, stealth, lock picking, sleight of hand and interrogation. She is also an extremely fit expert acrobat, gymnast and martial artist.

Valencia met her future husband Kevin Adam Kirk code named Colt after law school when she went to work for the secret government organization known as The Department. Later Kevin's three man team was betrayed and ambushed leaving Kevin dead and Valencia a widow.
Valencia then left the Department, donned a costume similar to Kevin's uniform, took the name Colt for herself and went seeking revenge. She tracked down those responsible for her husband's death and in the process grew skilled in espionage and the use of firearms. She became a troubleshooter for National Security Systems. Colt tried to fill the void left by the death of her husband with the adrenal rush of danger. Colt was manoeuvred into taking over the leadership of the Femforce after Joan Wayne the original Ms. Victory was transformed into Rad by the unstable V-45 serum. When Colt turned her attention to the Rad matter she initially attempted to get Rad to agree to peacefully return to the Femforce. Rad would hear none of this and so Colt resigned herself to having to use force to bring Rad in. Before the completion of her mission Captain Robert Kelley Femforce's then governmental liaison fired her from her position as leader replacing her with Ms. Victory II, Jennifer Burke, Joan Wayne's daughter. She left the team claiming that she had not wanted the job in the first place.

Later on a top secret solo mission for General Gordon Femforce's previous governmental liaison she uncovered evidence of a wide spread anti-government plot but was tricked, gassed, captured and imprisoned for breaking into the National Security Administration building. Currently Colt has been released from prison because General Strock Femforce's current governmental liaison revealed she had been acting under General Gordon's orders.


Because of a freak synergystic reaction of hallucinogenic chemicals, high voltage electricity and her own personality Silva Synn was endowed with superior mental powers such that she can turn any thought into solid, physical reality. Due to her abusive childhood and the toll taken by years of substance abuse, Synn's cognitive abilities are nearly always unfocused. She may conjure up just the object she needs to get herself out of a tight spot or she may bring her worst nightmare to life. Due to their unstable nature Synn's powers can make her as big a threat as any villain. Fortunately Synn's psychedelic constructs only exist on the three dimensional plane while she is concentrating on them. If she becomes distracted her creations simply cease to exist. With her very short attention span Synn is very easily distracted. On the other hand any influence that her dream creations have on the real world around them is permanent. Synn can think up a giant pink butterfly and have it carry you off to the highest mountain peak in Tibet. When she stops thinking about the butterfly it's gone. But you're still stuck on that mountaintop.
Though completely innocent, pure and good Synn's simple nature and tragic background leave her painfully gullible and totally trusting so she remains at risk of manipulation by a stronger personality.


Tara Freemont who has always had a strange empathy with animals is a dedicated and tireless environmental activist and the daughter of mega millionaire industrialist TC Freemont. She is a remarkable athlete and is also quite proficient in the use of hunting knives as well as the martial arts. After graduating from Florida State with degrees in Veterinary Medicine and Wildlife Management Tara convinced her father to create a private sanctuary for Florida's endangered wildlife. The project became known as Jungle Island and Tara herself who served as both supervisor and spokeswoman was dubbed the Jungle Girl by the press. Tara was pressed into service helping the Femforce accomplish a daring jungle rescue of the granddaughter of founding Femforce member Rio Rita some years back and has remained with the group ever since. She was the only member besides Colt who had no super power of any sort. Additionally she also lacked the espionage and marksmanship skills that Colt had. For quite some time at the beginning of her career with the Femforce Tara was uncertain of her position in the group. She felt inadequate and that she couldn't contribute much to the group. With her lack of superpowers Tara was often pushed back into a mere supporting role during Femforce missions. There was really very little she could contribute toward the besting of foes such as Rad, Alizarin Crimson or the Black Shroud.

Today other than her strange empathy with animals Tara's only paranormal ability consists of the ability to grow to enormous sizes at will gaining strength and invulnerability proportional to her size. She was given this power when she was tricked into taking the Top Secret Garganta formula by the producer of a Spann-XX infomercial she was appearing in. Her maximum attainable height is presently unknown; however any height over fifty feet tall weakens her so rapidly that unconsciousness follows within a couple of minutes. With the assistance of Garganta Tara has grown to master her size-changing powers. More and more she has been able to call upon her growth powers at will. Tara's powers differ from Garganta's in that she can only maintain her giantess size for short periods of time but can be bigger.


Born on the planet Rur many light years away as Mara she possessed that world's top scientific mind. Her natural physique before her metamorphosis into Stardust was that of a normal Rurian which is a little stronger, faster and healthier than the average earthborn human. The Rurian civilization is an all female warrior race who very nearly met their match in a war with the fierce Kronons. When war broke out between the Rurians and the Kronons, a Rurian expedition led by their leader Proxima was sent to earth to retrieve Captain Paragon to fight for the Rurian cause. Paragon at the time had been locked into a coma like state of something akin to suspended animation by the occult powers of the Black Shroud. Returning to Rur with Paragon's body Proxima enlisted the aid of one of Rur's greatest scientists the eminent Dr. Mara. Mara subjected the comatose super-human with powerful doses of stellar energy which brought Paragon out of his thirty year slumber. In awakening Paragon Dr. Mara's equipment was able to store a mixture of stellar energy and a backlash of the Captain's own excess paranormal powers. When Paragon balked at Proxima's attempted coercion of him to fight for the Rurian cause he fled the Rurians and returned to earth.

Dr. Mara realized that without Paragon her planet's people were in serious danger of being defeated in the war with the Kronons. Entering the chamber she had used to revive Paragon she subjected herself to the remnants of its stored stellar energy including the backlash of Paragon's excess paranormal powers and used this energy to transform herself into the superpowered being known as Stardust. The infusion of this energy turned her hair white, enhanced her strength, gave her the power of unaided flight protected by a self-generated force field and the ability of project powerful bolts of stellar energy. Worried that her powers may be unstable she donned a Rurian radiation suit which has come to be known as her Stardust costume. Eventually convincing Paragon to fight the Kronons were vanquished and Stardust came to earth as Paragon's protégé.

Stardust is presumably killed freeing her teammate She Cat from the control of a powerful cat-goddess. Her body was seemingly vaporized by the resulting burst of energy leaving the Femforce to mourn their loss. However the team later discovers her alive in the dimension of the Old Dark Ones. They rescue the weakened Stardust and return with her to Earth.

Stardust's stellar infusion charged her with the power of the universe's greatest energy source the stars themselves. Able to survive the vacuum of outer space without oxygen or protective clothing her body is virtually invulnerable to physical harm. Any damage she does sustain is quickly recovered from. In addition she can metabolize any form of energy into stellar energy for her own use. Acting as a constantly recharging stellar battery Stardust can generate blinding solar flares and discharge destructive stellar power bolts which she can cause to either explode or strike a target directly. Like a comet she can streak through the heavens trailing a shower of golden particles that are her namesake. This golden shower is produced as a side effect of a force field she generates which safeguards her from most physical harm. In a planet's atmosphere she is able to attain flying speeds of over 650 kph. Extremely intelligent and capable, Stardust's biggest problem is learning to deal with earth people and their customs. She comes here from a world of ultra competitive warrior women who value individual accomplishment above all else. She remains bewildered by the concepts of personal relationships and free expression of emotions.


Dyna Morisi was a California girl daughter of Italian special effects artist Frederico Morisi and Mexican make-up artist Maria Sanchez. Growing up Dyna worked as an extra and attended Hollywood High. A natural athlete she competed in gymnastics. Dyna's love of the drag strips, off-road bike and four wheel drive races brought her through the back door into stunt work. After high school Dyna entered the National Guard and rose through the ranks in the motor pool to Spec-5. When Operation Desert Shield became Operation Desert Storm she suddenly found herself in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia during a SCUD attack. Dyna rescued some children playing near an atomic plant. This time America's Patriot missiles missed one of the SCUDs. The SCUD impacted and blew up the power plant catching Dyna in the explosion. Miraculously surviving the conflagration Dyna found herself endowed with incredible abilities. She is a living electrical generator, her body constantly generating a powerful electric charge. She was immediately rotated Stateside where Walter Reade doctors attempted to discharge her electric power. There at Walter Reade Hospital she met scientist Dr. Suzanne Jeffries who finding there was no reversing Dyna's condition had protective outfits made for her and helped her to learn to control her abilities.

When Dyna got angry or upset her voltage output would rise. She learned to control herself down to about thirteen volts increasing wattage at will, enabling her to shock those attempting to grapple with her. Her vision could be used as a weapon. With laser intensity it could cut through metal or weld it. She could fire electric bolts through her fingers.
Dyna continued to hone her skills as a stunt professional and went back to work in Hollywood films as Dyna Morisi occasionally going underground against crime as Rayda. Rayda's method of transportation is a motor cycle that is powered by the energy generated by her own body. By simply channelling her energy field into the cycle she creates one of the most efficient electrical cycles in the world.


From an early age Makayla Allen wanted nothing more than to be a professional dancer. But a hit-and-run accident by a drunken teenager made a shamble of her dreams. Doctors told her mother that she would probably walk again with a limp but that her dreams of dancing professionally were over. Little did they consider the will and mental fortitude of the girl. With much pain and suffering Makayla did all that her rehabilitation counsellors asked and a lot more. By her late teens Makayla had been able to win the U.S. National Dance Championships.
Wanting to give something back to the impoverished neighbourhood in which she had been raised 'Kayla started a dance school for the area's girls charging only what the families could pay. Many times she asked nothing for the lessons she provided. The business conglomerate heading the developmental Project Fe3000 decided to build a strip mall in the area inhabited by Miss Kayla's School of Dance. Everyone in the area sold their land and properties to the conglomerate. Most were happy to be rid of their places. However Makayla who had decided that the neighbourhood needed the dance studio much more than a strip mall decided not to sell and resisted all efforts to persuade her to do so. With all its monetary offers refused the conglomerate used other less honest means to procure her studio and property.

The criminal known as Iron Jaw was hired to set fire to the studio. He took it upon himself to do so while it was occupied. When the fire broke out Makayla kept the girls and other instructors calm escorting them from the building. Reaching safety outdoors Makayla realized that one little girl was unaccounted for and even though there was little chance for success she re-entered the building in an attempt to save the child. Unfortunately they were both trapped inside the conflagration and died.
Makayla's strength of will refused to let her unavenged spirit rest and thus the elemental entity Firebeam rose phoenix like from the ashes of the dance school. While Firebeam found that she could leave her earthly remains for periods of time it hurt her greatly to do so. Elsewhere and later a man fighting for the custody of his children was fleeing with them when he lost control of his car accidentally running down Keela Sentry. Having done all they could the doctors removed her from life support giving up all hope for her survival. At Ms Victory's behest Nightveil transferred the spirit of Firebeam into the body of Keela Sentry placing a pendant containing the ashes of Makayla around her neck to protect her from the pain of separation. Makayla's presence inside Keela's body caused a symbiotic relationship that Firebeam is learning to cope with and control with the help of DarkShade and Verden Fell.


Nancy Arazello never wanted to become a super-powered adventuress. When she accidentally stepped into the path of a bolt of energy from Zzarra an other-dimensional insect deity her life was changed forever. From that moment on she would share her existence with a beautiful silver haired goddess who could fly possessed super strength and could move objects telekinetically. She became the second Dragonfly. In 1987 after a series of adventures Nancy Arazello was killed and the magically empowered Dragonfly was lost in a parallel dimension. The next year Psyborg, Dragonfly's arch enemy created a duplicate Nancy from a blood sample drawn from Nancy before her death. Psyborg's plan was to have a clone of Dragonfly do his bidding and help eradicate all life from the universe. However before he could program the new Nancy's brain Dragonfly transferred into the new body and defeated the cybernetic man. Dragonfly was officially inducted into the Femforce in 1989. Since that time she has all but abandoned her human persona. Currently she has become self-centred and materialistic and is at odds with her fellow group members. Through the years Dragonfly has encountered numerous foes including Psyborg, Hijacker, Mantis Man, Anteas and the Black Shroud himself. Her solo adventures have found her teaming up with the likes of the Scarlet Scorpion, the Shade and Stardust.


Doctor Carol Heisler an elderly brunette was one of the researchers on the V-47 formula which the government wanted modified to create more paranormals. She-Cat, Stardust and Synn were on hand to witness as Dr. Heisler tested the new compound on herself. She started experiencing a strong and painful reaction to the formula. At this time Joan Wayne, Ms. Victory was in her rebellious Rad persona and her daughter Jennifer Burke was taking up the mantle of Ms. Victory. Across town from Dr. Heisler's experiment Jennifer awakened to the sound of a loud explosion. She became Ms. Victory to investigate and discovered the Femforce battered and beaten amid the rubble of the government complex. Jennifer was told that Dr. Heisler was now gone from the complex and rampaging out of control.

When Ms. Victory caught up with her Dr. Heisler who had become physically larger, youthful and silver-haired unleashed bolts of raw energy at her. Jennifer was forced to take her out with an extremely powerful single blow. Unfortunately when Dr. Heisler revived she grew to gigantic proportions. She then had even more immense power to accompany her mindless rage. Utilizing a powerful combined attack all the Femforce members were able to make Dr. Heisler expend all of the V-47 in her system which returned the good doctor to normal. Later after recovering Dr. Heisler continued her government research. One morning however she was unwillingly subjected to an electro-stimulation experiment which caused her to again grow to titanic proportions become even more powerful than before and begin another mindless rampage. She dove into the sea to escape. Her powers had given her the power to heal and enabled her to adapt to her environment and mutate into a giant sea creature. After being shot with energy rays during a kidnapping eventually foiled by the Femforce Dr. Heisler who by that time resembled a large whale transformed back into a human of giant proportions.

Primarily Garganta has the power to increase her size typically to 18 metres though she can grow to over 61 metres, and lift over 160 tons. She has since learned she has empathic abilities which were in fact the cause of her earlier rampages. Garganta has also been given various other powers. Initially she could shoot destructive beams from her eyes and hands. She then displayed an ability to breathe underwater while swimming, and furthermore to adapt to her ocean surroundings and even mutate to fit them becoming a giant sea-creature and speaking telepathically. None of these powers have been used since.

Yankee Girl®

On her first day in England working at the USO for the Allied war effort the building was bombed killing practically everyone in attendance except lovely American-born Lauren Mason. While attempting to stagger for shelter she fell into an old mine shaft which deposited her in a vat of the Eternity Broth. Tolon the Sorcerer had brewed it in an attempt to create a Champion to Fight for England against the tyranny encroaching it. He had been hoping for someone valiant, brave, honest and true. Unfortunately he got Lauren. He made do with what he had and showed her how to transform herself into a Champion of Right by saying the words Karma Madre Tolon. Since she was a Yank in Great Britain she was named Yankee Girl and reluctantly became a superheroine. Yankee Girl is super Strong, incredibly Healthy, Invulnerable, and can Fly at speeds of up to 78 kph.

Upon returning to the United States she had a short but successful career as a Costumed Crime Fighter. Unhappy with her life she volunteered to be placed in Dr. Jonathan Weir's experimental Vault Of Heroes in 1952, hoping to awaken in a simpler life in the future. Decades later she was revived from stasis to help the Femforce wage war against the Black Shroud. Since then she has returned to the life of a Costumed Adventuress with ease. She has tried to adjust to the modern world but her family fortune was wiped out while she slept. Thus she was forced to take a spokesmodel job at BH Industries to support herself until she joined the Sentinels Of Justice full time when it was reorganized to include Vault Heroes. She remains with that group to this day. Her civilian life has never been as rewarding as her secret one and she is having some difficulty fitting into today's society in her civilian identity. Indeed Lauren considers herself to be unlucky and has made several bad career choices including one as Spokesperson for a snack cake called Dunkies.

Ms Victory II®

When Joan Wayne Ms. Victory was forcefully transformed into Rad by the Black Commando in his insane desire for revenge, there were those in the government who felt that a new paranormal icon and leader for the Femforce was in order. It was determined that the V-47 vitamin which made Joan Wayne into Ms. Victory would work on someone with a very nearly identical body chemistry. Therefore through government manipulation and blackmail Jennifer Burke Joan's unwilling daughter was coerced into taking the V-47 and becoming the New Ms. Victory. Now that Joan is no longer Rad and she has returned to her Ms. Victory persona Jennifer has been made leader of the Sentinels Of Justice.

Thunder Fox®

Comic book writer Nelson Fox was responsible for the monthly comic book adventures of Thunderfox, a super heroine with the powers of flight, super-strength and the ability to shoot power-bolts from her hands. While creating a cover depicting a creature of indestructible power Nelson fell asleep. Meanwhile a shapeshifter trapped in the form of a huge diamond was unwittingly freed by a sewer worker. The disembodied being found form in the creature on Nelson's cover and assuming its body gained its indestructibility. Femforce member and Sorceress Supreme Nightveil mystically felt a tear in the fabric of the dimensional continuum as the monster terrorized the city with wanton destruction. Transporting to the site she found the creature impervious to both magic and physical attack. Using postcognition Nightveil traced the creature back to its origins discovering Nelson Fox. Since Nelson's mind had conceived the monster Nightveil concluded that only he could know the way to destroy it. He revealed to Nightveil that the creature was devised to be vulnerable only to nuclear weapons and Thunderfox. Having Nelson concentrate on every detail of Thunderfox Nightveil used his mental impression to create a living, breathing being. Thunderfox was born. After Thunderfox defeated the creature Nightveil was left with a problem. Should she return Thunderfox to the two-dimensional existence from whence she had come? She decided she could not remove the life from one who has already tasted that life. Thunderfox was left in the hands of Nelson Fox.
Shortly thereafter Thunderfox was nominated into the ranks of the Femforce. However after a very brief stint with them she simply disappeared never to be heard from again. All memories of her have vanished as well.