In both 1988 and 1989, persons of Dominican birth ranked second in the number of narcotics arrests in New Jersey. In the last half of 1989, the northern New Jersey counties contiguous to New York City saw a major influx of Dominican drug dealers. As with Colombians and Sicilians, Dominicans involved in the distribution of cocaine and crack are usually a very close-knit group because most are either blood relatives or from the same neighborhood in the Dominican Republic. One of the few known leaders of Dominican organized drug distribution networks was Jose Bello of Hudson County, who was deported by the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service in June, 1989. Bello's group was reported to contain several hundred individuals, but the lack of sufficient intelligence has hindered attempts to develop a formal structure of this group for the purpose of targeting key members. 
Dominican drug distribution networks are reported to be active in Paterson, Jersey City, Union City, West New York, Atlantic City, Camden, Woodbridge and Passaic. Dominican drug dealer Victor Fernandez was the principal cocaine supplier for the Five Percenter group in Atlantic City headed by Hakeem Shaheed, and Roberto Alexander was the cocaine source for the African-American group in New Brunswick and Edison headed by Isaac Wright. 
Dominican crime groups have become adept at falsifying documents, and many of those of Hispanic origin try to pass themselves off as Puerto Rican, while those of African origin often claim to be Cuban. Intelligence information indicates that numerous Dominicans are involved in a Spanish lottery operation based in New York City. Many of these operatives are using Hudson, Bergen and Passaic Counties as their base of operation. 


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